A.Prof. Fatemeh Heidary


A.Prof. Fatemeh Heidary


Dr. Fatemeh has been described as a “visionary leader, clinician scientist, and entrepreneur.”

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Dr. Fatemeh Heidary is a clinician-scientist with an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievements. She has over 20 years of experience in research and clinics by publishing more than 80 articles mostly in top-tier peer-reviewed journals as well several highly influential citations. She has received almost 1,000 citations with an i10-index of 21, seven registered patents, and has co-authored 3 international books. She had an active contribution and was keynote speaker at several national and international events. Dr. Fatemeh has also organized over 30 courses in medical writing and research integrity, as well as several scholarly trips to international congresses, including Japan. She is prominent in her field and made major contributions to vision research in her country despite limitations, and is a leading and first graduated clinician-scientist in the country that holds MD-MPH degree while received Master of Public Health in health policy. She prides herself on efficient patient communication and trusts firmly in patient education


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